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BRDS Home Coaching DVD Packs 2018


  • Covers preparation for: Studio test, Interview & Portfolio Preparation
  • Prepared by: NID Alumni, Ahmedabad
  • Presented by: Gaurav Juyal (NIDian and host of “Art Attack” show on Disney Channel)
  • 100 Video lessons, workbook, practice material
  • One-to-one interaction with ex-NIDian, Portfolio & Interview Guidance (FREE)

Highlights of Home Coaching DVD Pack 2018

  • Designed & Created by NID/ NIFT/ IIT/ CEPT / MSU alumni
  • Replay-Rewind-Relearn 24×7.
  • Learn like a Classroom from Home
  • Online Feedback


Video and many e-books for NID Studio Test


  • BRDS, the leader in Home Coaching DVD, presents advanced NID Phase 2 Home Coaching DVD
  • Designed by NIDians keeping in mind the pattern of NID Entrance Exam
  • BRDS has the Highest selection of students in NID as compared to any coaching institute in India
  • 800 NID students benefited from Home Coaching DVD Pack
BRDS Students got admission at NID using BRDS HOME DVD Pack
BRDS Students Selected in NID PG 2017
BRDS Students selected in NID 2017
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3 Contents of BRDS Home Coaching DVD Packs

NID Studio test is conducted to judge your creative skills. Your orientation towards design and presence of mind is judged with the help of series of tests being conducted at the NID Campus.

Module 1 : Doodling exercise

Doodling exercise is usually asked in all the disciplines to check candidate’s thought process. In the doodling test incomplete doodles are given in the form of curved lines, dots. The candidate is supposed to draw something meaningful out of those incomplete lines and provide a suitable caption to his/ her drawing. This module will prepare you for how to complete the doodles and provide suitable captions.

Module 2 : 3D Model Making and material manipulation

At NID studio test candidates are provided with different types of materials and are supposed to create things with that material. Basic and advance model making techniques will be taught in this module. This module will explain you how to create 3D models based on the brief and the material provided. Tips to work with different materials such as paper, clay, wire, cloth, wool, threads, pins, plastic, thermacol, POP, hard board, foils etc. will be provided.

Module 3 : Design concept

NID studio test is conducted to judge your creative skills. Many exercises asked in the studio test are based on certain themes/ concepts. So this module will help you understand and learn concepts such as what is design, design principles, futuristic, contemporary, historical designs, and ergonomics etc.

Module 4 : Observation tests/ Audio- Visuals & Visualization Tests

At NID Studio test audio-visual tests are conducted to check the observation skills of the candidate. This module will include exercises for mental attentiveness, noticing and registering things/ objects/ environment/ culture.

Module 5 : Original NID Studio test papers -Last 10 Year Studio Test Papers

This module will include last 10 years Studio test questions papers.

Module 6 : Portfolio Samples of students who have cleared NID Exam.

Students will be shown the portfolios of the students who have got selected at NID and are studying at NID.

Module 7 : Portfolio

Portfolio guidance and portfolio making with expert faculty. This module will cover what is to be included in the portfolio, developing portfolio and portfolio arrangement tips will be provided by our faculties

Module 8 : Interview and portfolio tips

Portfolio guidance and portfolio making with expert faculty. This module will cover what is to be included in the portfolio, developing portfolio and portfolio arrangement tips will be provided by our faculties

Module 9 : 100 Videos or photos

100 Videos or photos of best craft work for reference

Module 10 : E-books

World best eBook on craft work for reference

For PGDPD the studio test varies significantly for each design discipline. The “Home Coaching DVD Pack” has been created for each of the following design disciplines separately:


Industrial Design

  • Automobile Design
  • Furniture & Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Ceramic & Glass Design
  • Toy & Game Design

Communication Design

  • Animation Film Design
  • Film & Video Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

IT Integrated Design

  • Design for Digital Experience
  • Information & Interface Design
  • New Media Design
  • Inter-disciplinary design
  • Strategic Design Management
  • Design for Retail Experience

Textile Design

  • Textile Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Lifestyle Accessory Design

4 Feedback @ Home from NIDians

Feedback will be given to you by NID alumni at the end of each day on artworks emailed by you. We expect students to take the feedback, improve their work and resubmit the artworks. Take a photo of your Doodle, Observation Tests or 3D Models. Email these photos to us at [email protected] NID alumni will provide one-to-one feedback / guidance to students through video conference /audio conference / phone / live chat or email.

5 2 Day NID Workshop @ Ahmdedabad

The 2 Day NID Phase 2 Workshop at Ahmedabad conducted by NID alumni will cover:

  • Doubt clearing from NID Studio Test Home Exercises
  • Portfolio arrangement & presentation
  • Interview tips and training
  • Mock studio test and interview The workshop will be held just before your NID second phase exam.

6 Sample Videos

Check out the Sample Video of BRDS DVD Coaching Pack which contains Tips for NID Studio Test Preparation, Interview & Portfolio Preparation. More than 100+ Videos and photos of best craft work for reference

7 Watch How Students Prepare for Studio Test at BRDS (Videos)

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8 Did you know?

Note: if you do not get admission into NID, that’s not the end, there are many other good design colleges for e.g. UID, MIT, Soft, Srishti, Symbiosis, DJ, Pearl etc. This 10 day coaching program and DVD Pack has been created for Phase 2 exams of all major design colleges. This program helps the students not only exam preparation but also how to tackle interviews. If you are applying for any design colleges mentioned above, Go ahead and order now!

9 Testimonials (Videos)

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BRDS Students Selected in NID 2017
Final Selection (B. Design & M. Design)


BRDS Students Selected in NID 2017
Final Selection (B. Design)


BRDS Students Selected in NID 2017
Final Selection (M. Design)